Kőbánya – Mine Diving

It used to be a limestone mine, the stones mined from here were used to build the Parliament, the Buda Castle and most of the Citadel. The area still known as Kőbánya (Stone mine literally). The brewery (Dreher) built on top of the mine used the karst water. Then they stored malt in the cellars. Since the pumping stopped, the water flooded the mine again, so the lowermost parts are completely underwater. The leftover tools, equipment, and hand-wrought stairway are underwater now.

The place is accessible for beginner and advanced divers, as well, since the upper chambers are open on top, so dives considered as open water dives, not cave dives. For beginners only the upper chambers are recommended, but they still have a chance to see the huge spaces and corridors lighted by spotlights. If you are an advanced diver, you can have access to some caverns. We think the dive is a not-to-miss experience for even beginners, while it takes about 40-50 minutes in this extraordinary place.
Perfect buoyancy control is a must, so sign up only when you can manage buoyancy in a pro way!
If you are not sure about your skills, you can sign up for one of our update courses in Aquaworld. Sundays from 11:45, Tuesdays from 18:00.

Pay attention! The temperature inside is about 8 degrees in Celsius, so warm clothing is necessary. There is a possibility to drive in right next to the entry point. It is possible to explore the area and then on the spot, the local guide makes the briefing. Then we gear up and walk to the stairway that is halfway underwater. Besides body check, the dive guide checks everybody, and off we go.

First, we plunge into the great chamber that is open on top, and fully lighted. One by one, we swim into the corridors and use our lights to see what is beyond the darkness. Qualified divers can dive deeper. Gloves and hood are recommended! The dive takes about 40-50 minutes.

What you need to have to dive in the mine?
– be at least Open Water Diver or higher, and have a perfect buoyancy control
– have a medical statement not older than a year
– have your total dive system plus two underwater lamps

Photos of the latest tours.

More than 7 days before the departure: 15.000 HUF/person
Less than 4 days before the departure: 16.500 HUF/person
Less than 2 days before the departure: 18.000 HUF/person

Includes one dive, dive guide fee, one tank, lead. Excludes: equipment rental fee and additional above not listed charges.

The tour minimum headcount is 3.
The prices listed are guidelines and subject to change without notice or due to change of course of exchange.

Speciality prpgrams
Continue your adventure with SSI Cavern and Cave Specialty Programs or SSI Extended Range Programs.

About the diving dates please inquire these phone number +36-30-946-7282, or E-mail address:info@aquanaut.hu

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